Rare Sproatt Bottle

This bottle was shown to me the other day. Unfortunately the old guy, namely me, couldnt manage to take a clear picture of the whole piece, but here it is. Brown pottery, crown top, apx quart. Have not seen this one before and believe it to be quite rare. Looking for information about age and rarity. Let me know at info@nsaauctions.com  thanks all 29 November 2006


Sunday October 22. Cambridge Show.

A light rain didn't spoil the show in Cambridge. So what was there? A great selection of coloured fruit jars, lots of black glass, John Barclay had more of his great bottles for sale: It was nice to see dealers bringing insulators especially threadless. Could have used some more people, but every one had a good time and most where happy. Toronto is one hour away, Hamilton 1/2 hour, Niagara Falls 1 hour, London one hour....must be too far for all you old folks, but wait just wait dealers came from Ottawa 5 to 6 hours, London one hour, Windsor 3 hours, Kent Bridge 3 hours, Bracebridge 4 1/2 hours.....whom dealers can drive that far but collectors who want shows and more shows find it hard to drive an hour....oh well maybe we should all stay at home and just deal on ebay...no need to actually see that sorted citron olive amber puce jar just buy it from a poor photo, or buy the piece that has someone else's opinion of "slight damage" but still mint?  No need to meet and greet people, laugh talk tell tales, have good coffee (others comments on my coffee, thanks!) stale donuts and generally have a great day out. Thanks to all the dealers and general public who came and see you all next year.