NSA Auctions is pleased to announce their upcoming Auction which will  take place in the spring of 2007. We not out of business, we haven't left town, we just been on a wee little bit of a sabbatical! I started the auctions years ago to offer collectors the chance to obtain items both rare and common, through auctions conducted using fully illustrated catalogues and the mail, then email and then the web. Met hundreds of people from all over the world, the majority of whom paid their bills on time! That's actually not true, I never had one person not pay their bills, which was truly heart warming! Had monster plans for on line real time auctions, live on site auctions, make a fortune. But, like most things in life, reality set in! Hopefully in the new year I will have the software that will allow the instant updating of bids etc, but if not, we will manually update the web site with bids that come in via mail or email or phone. Calls backs will be available for the final 3 bidders on an item, should they request it. The auctions will be fully, and (here is a change) individually illustrated. (bought a new digital SLR camera, new computer, new or rather more camera gear, the list goes on). Not sure at this time if a printed version of the catalogue will be available, its really a lot of work and have to charge for it, but we will see. All auctions will end at the date and time specified in our ads and on this web site, no ifs ands or buts! No buyers premium. Our shipping costs have always been reasonable and still will be with perhaps a little extra for packing materials. (people expect me to pay, I say pay for cardboard boxes these days, the nerve!). Each item will be as accurately described as I can, with extra pictures of back, front, side, top as required or requested. I will publish at the start of each auction a list of common terms and the terms I use, and what they mean. For example what I call minor haze, slight haze, light over all haze extra. Some of the nicest comments I received in the past where "hey there's nothing wrong with this item" "its in way better condition that I thought it might be". Wherever you are from, its a long way from here and I want you to be able to bid in confidence with our descriptions and authentications. So without further comment, here are pictures of items for our next auction, I will add more over the next couple of months, and once the auction is organized, I will replace the pictures with the "catalogue".

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